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Market Explorer

Let's explore your potential markets!


Market Explorer is a firm supplying professional internationalization services adapted to effectively support companies with their international business development.

Strategically based in the Netherlands, Market explorer essentially assists companies who are seeking expansion into and within Europe. We operate directly in multiple countries across Europe, from the Mediterranean sea to Lapland, where we know both the local business culture and languages. These countries include the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Sweden. We do also cooperate with local partners in order to assure both sufficient work capacity and additional expertise, for example in other countries, which allows us to handle broader projects and ease up the coordination burden of our clients.

Market Explorer has the advantages of possessing good knowledge and skills for effective processes of project implementation in multiple countries, having not only knowledge of diverse local business cultures but also insight in various industries, and strong ability to network. The small, simplified and versatile character of the organization allows quick decision making and relatively fast execution of assignment work.

Through a range of services, Market Explorer assists companies among others in evaluating growth potential in new markets, define the right customer groups for specific solutions, approach targeted companies and facilitate the establishment of clients’ direct relationship with the most promising companies.

Market Explorer actively and continuously follows developments in selected markets and industries, which provides the company a competitive advantage in identifying both business opportunities and right markets for its clients.

The competitive and attractive pricing is also strengthened by an excellent mix between fixed and success fees assuring the best advantages to its clients.


Clients are possibly headquartered in various parts of the world, but have in principal at least international intentions of growing into or within Europe.

Clients can for example be small and medium sized enterprises with innovative solutions either initializing or extending their international presence, but bigger companies temporary lacking capacity and expertise for their activities can also be supported.

Projects can also be provided through different types of organizations from governmental, trade and promotion organizations and the consulting sector.

The industries covered are multiple and include among others construction, logistics, machinery, environmental solutions, energy and also business services of different kinds.


The Netherlands and Belgium both represent significant economies with above average business friendly environments and strategic locations in Europe.

Sweden, located in the middle of Scandinavia is the biggest economy there.

France is simply one of the biggest economies in Europe.


Selected geographical markets potentially offer lots of opportunities for business development activities.

In order to execute the project work Market Explorer might either implement the plan using own means or in some cases use subcontractors. The use of subcontractors is for example applicable in case of a need for additional capacity, competence and expertise in a particular industry or geographical market.

The ambition is to fully cover Western Europe with a network of reliable and qualitative partners.

We partner with various organizations, also outside Europe in order to bring a worldwide network of resources to help with your international expansion.


Market Explorer was established by Fredrik Jirlow in October 2014. Fredrik Jirlow has more than 15 years of work experience from diverse companies, industries and countries and was most recently employed by Finpro, a Finnish organization and global network formerly specialized in internationalization consulting services for Finnish companies. As market analyst, Fredrik Jirlow has actively participated to the implementation of more than 100 client projects in various industries and in multiple European countries. Besides a solid professional experience and strong analytical skills, Fredrik Jirlow possess a multilingual and cultural background and the ability to effectively establish new relationships. 

Why choose Market Explorer?

With Market Explorer you will benefit from the following advantages:

- Possibility of handling significant parts of your internationalization process

- Rely on one service entity for multiple geographical markets

- Knowledge of local business cultures and languages

- Insight into specific industries and their networks

- Trustworthy and efficient working methods

Market Explorer's mission is to facilitate and accelerate companies' success in international markets.